Stumped for gifts?

As a business owner or employee with clients to whom you owe gratitude, it is important to remember to say thank you in ways that will be remembered and appreciated. Corporate gifts are a huge industry, and gifts range from very inexpensive (such as simple personalised pencils) to extravagant leather briefcases valued at more than 2,000. One way to determine where your budget lies is to value the business your clients bring to you. If you are a dry cleaner and your best customers spend 1,000 per year at your shop, that's 1,000 of business you don't need to look for. Do they bring their business associates to your shop by way of referral? Or perhaps their friends and families? Take that income into consideration, too, when choosing gifts for them.

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Choosing the Right Gift

It's a great idea to look for something unique that represents your business when giving corporate gifts. If you are an accountant or financial adviser, a calculator with your company logo an a matching set of personalised pencil and pen are a useful gift idea. Something that stays in use and does not get tucked away in a drawer is important. You want your name. logo, and business to be on your clients' minds and in their view.

Here are some gift ideas for businesses that tie in with what the company does An architect's gift is a miniature tape measure a computer repair person's gift is a keyboard brush a wine tasting company or liquor store gives personalised cork screws.

Gifts and Trade Show Giveaways

There is a difference between corporate gifts (reserved for established customers and potential customers) and trade show giveaways (items you have at your booth or on our front desk at the office for people to take). Trade show promotional items are nice, and they can help people remember you, but they are often not going to bring you your ideal client. Corporate gifts are an investment meant to say thank you to those people who help your business. It is especially nice if your gift relates to something your client enjoys (such as golfing).

Preparing Your Imprint

Have your designer (the person who designed your logo or your corporate headquarters) give you a vector image of the information you want on your promotional item or corporate gift. Vector image means it will print in clean lines, not like a photograph that has jagged edges when viewed up close. For many items, you will need the logo and information in one or two colors. These specifications will be available from the promotional product company. Sometimes there is a set-up charge to get your logo on the product. Check to see what that is, because it will add to the cost of the items.

Presenting Your Gift

Presentation is key. Box or package the item well and wrap it professionally. Deliver by hand whenever possible, with a gift card. Personally write the note in the card and always sign it yourself. Address the recipient by name and do not use a generic thank you note. If possible, refer to the person specifically so they know you actually took time to write to them.

Whatever item you choose, give it with a true sense of gratitude and a sincere attitude of appreciation. A gift from the heart is always the best form of generosity.